"burning bridges" by chris pureka. (turn it up, it's a quiet recording)

rachel. human woman creature. inconsolable.

i blog:
-pictures of pretty stuff, delicious stuff, funny stuff/memes, and cute stuff (primarily animals).
-tv stuff: doctor who, firefly, buffy (some buffy stuff is tagged differently), how i met your mother, parks and recreation, 30 rock, west wing, the colbert report, the daily show.
-political/social justice stuff: feminism, queerness, other -isms, politics (in amurrica, primarily).
-theatre and acting.
-college stuff: being in drama school, being on a leave of absence.
-mental health stuff: political and personal, primarily depression and anxiety.
-stuff that is about, or captures the essence of, the internet.

also, all kinds of other junk, with a fair helping of whiny personal posts. more than a fair helping. a heaping helping. and everything is inconsistently tagged and posted at bizarro hours of the night! (e.s.t. night, that is)

essentially, this is my blog and i do what i want. but i made that list because i was looking for something on somebody else's blog once, and such a list would have helped me, so i made one for you! just in case.

notes: not always worksafe, not always a safe space.
ALSO: i probably won't follow you from this account. i will probably follow you from littlebooger for reasons that are explained over there.

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Carbon Leaf - Changless

this song gives me pctyd. despite having nothing to do, associatively, with my cty experience.

my photographs of these years
will make me laugh through the tears
what are the odds this ends and we don’t meet again?
what are the odds that i will miss your smile?

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